The Liliendaal Four  |  Print Sale

The four most recent images in the collection, known collectively as The Liliendaal Four, are being offered in a Limited Edition Print Sale.  After July 31st, these images will be removed from the list of images available for purchase.  The images include two in colour and two in monochrome.  They are being offered only as prints on Kodak Metallic Photographic Paper in three sizes, 12" x 18",  16" x 24" and 20" x 30",  and produced through the Zenfolio Sales system and printed by MPix Labs (North America).  

Two coupons are available for the sale, one for purchases in US currency and one for purchases in Canadian currency, each valid for 25 customers, and the coupons offer a 25% discount on the prints (not shipping), also, the discount applies to all offered sizes and all images in The Liliendaal Four, regardless of how many are in the shopping cart.

Canadian customers, use coupon code LILIENDAAL4CA

United States customers, use coupon code LILIENDAAL4US

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The Liliendaal Four

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